Forty Book Challenge Finish Line (and Onward!)

Our first mighty reader has conquered reading forty books or more!  Congratulations, Joshua!

Interview with Joshua:

I love reading!  One of the reasons I love reading is because it’s more healthy for your eyes than a tv.  You can’t have too much screen time with a book, so you can read as long as you want.  Ha ha.  It’s always satisfying to finish a book.  It helps you to learn.  It helps you practice imagining things and making a story picture in your head.

I recommend My Side of the Mountain for people who like the wilderness and want to learn more about surviving in the wild.

I really liked getting a special pencil from the principal today to celebrate making the Forty Book Challenge.  Reading is really awesome!

Enjoying the Last Winter Fireplace Readers

When Circus Ship disappeared at home, Mrs. Bokinala even went to buy another copy of this family favorite because no other book would do for her read aloud!  What a tricky book!

We discovered that Nico’s family is full of poets!  Mrs. Merritt shared some poems from Nico’s great grandfather’s book of haiku.  One of her favorite poems, “Jabberwocky” by Lewis Carroll, helped us enjoy some very inventive words.  Then we had the treat of hearing samples of her own poetry and discussing her tips for being a lifelong writer.

Mrs. Merritt gave us permission to share one of her poems.


Belly Button

by Lulu Merritt

I see you there, round and little,

sitting there right in the middle.

The crowning glory of any glutton,

you weird and useless belly-button.

What’s your purpose?  Why are you here?

You do not help me see or hear.

You do not catch me when I fall.

You simply are, and that is all.

You just hang out at my belly’s center,

A place for dirt and lint to enter.

Some are outies, but you’re an innie,

Would that change if I were not so skinny?