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We are a second and third grade multi-age class in stunning central Vermont in the United States.  Our school is in a rural tourist area especially famous for Quechee Gorge, and we love so many things about where we live. Sometimes we smile when we realize that we get to see every day what other people vacation to see!

We are looking forward to sharing with new friends all over the world and at home with our blog.

Here are some things we love about our area. We are right on the border of New Hampshire and Vermont, so our class includes people who live in both states.

Our White Mountains

Home of the World’s Worst Weather

You’re Going to Love It Here

Green Mountain National ForestVermont MapleTunbridge World’s Fair

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  1. Hello from one of your QuadBlogging partners in the UK!

    We are the Saplings from braishfield Primary school near Romsey in the South of England.

    We use our first names only on our blog, and we have one big blog for our entire class of 28 pupils. We are aged 7,8 and 9 years which is Year 3 and 4 in the UK. We are a small school with 4 classes.

    At playtime (recess) we like to play football, tag, skipping, pretending, hulahoops, basketball, rugby, netball, tennis. We’d love to hear about some of your games! What’s Gaga?

    Braishfield is a village in the countryside, its popular for farming but we don’t have mountains or snow!

    Common animals near us are cows, horses, pheasants, sheep, pigs, peacocks, garden birds, owls, squirrels, foxes, rabbits, badgers, hedgehogs and deer. We were VERY excited to hear you have bears, chipmunks and moose. We had to Google chickadees!

    We can’t wait to read your blog more. We have a challenge for you if you check our blog!


  2. We do live in a beautiful place in the world. Even though the weather can be pretty bad in the winter here in N.H. and VT, nothing can compare to the snow covered trees on a sunny winters day. How they sparkle in the sun light. Our Autumn can be pretty chilly, but is so pretty with all the many colors of the fall leaves. A walk in the fallen dried leaves and the crunching sound that it makes its always fun. Children here love to pile up the leaves and jump into them. Spring is so refreshing with the newness of life after a leafless winter. The flowers in bloom are oh so pretty and the the fresh smells of spring are so refreshing. Summer, although it can be quite warm at times, is a enjoyable season with its longer sunlight hours. It’s warmer days to wade in a creek,or swim in one of our beautiful lakes or a drive to the ocean for a walk on the sandy beach, play in the waves,or just sit back and enjoy all of God’s beauty all around.The crashing waves against the rocks is a sight to see. Picnics in the park and playing on the playground is always a fun family outing… All of our mountain tops have breath taking views and an good place to get a workout with the sometimes challenging hikes to the summit. To name a few. The White Mountains,where the Old Man of the mountain was for years and where the Indian Head still is. Mount Ascutney, Mount Cardigan, and Mount Sunapee… For those who are wild nuts like I am,the excitment in seeing a bear, an eagle, a Blue Haron, a fox, wolf, a deer,woodchuck, owl or a beaver is a rarity and always a sight to see. We have such an variety of birds as well. From the common Blue Jay, to the Robin,as well as the Humming bird Chickadee, Seagull, Hawk, Cardinal,Crow, Raven and so many more.
    Our more common animals are the grey Squirrel,Chipmunk, and to most the skunk our least favorite because when it feels in danger it leaves off a not so pleasant smell. 🙁 …
    So, in just a few words, to sum it all up. God has truly blesses us with two very beautiful states to live in. So, if your not from around here and would like to see our part of the world, come and visit N.H. and VT. The only hard thing for those who are visiting is to chose which season to come in, as the are all beautiful and there is so much to see and do here.

  3. Dear Miss Blessing & Class,
    Hello from Melbourne Australia. What a wonderful blog you have created! There are lots of open spaces for the children to explore. We are a school with around 500 children. We have 27 Year 4 students from this class.

    We have just begun our class blog a few weeks ago and are trying to develop some contacts from around the world for our students to share their learnings and culture. We were wondering if your class would be interested?

    Our blog page address is:

    Please visit our site and post comments.
    We look forward to hearing from you soon.

    With warm regards,
    Year 4 Henderson

  4. Dear Miss Blessing & class

    I’m a public primary school teacher in South Korea. I teach grade 3s and 6s English. I’ve got to know about you through Ms.Henderson’s blog. The math scavanger hunt activity look fun. I think you are so lucky to learn in such a beautiful place, Vermont.
    Koreans become 1 year old right after being born. So the year of my grade6s’ birth is 2000. Probably they’re 1 year older than you, Miss blessing’s class. We work for the projects of introducing Korea or sharing ideas with the students from other countries.
    If you’re interested in, please let me know. Thank you for reading.
    I hope you always have wonderful days through the year.

    Sincerely yours,
    Mrs. Jang and the students at Sangam from South Korea

  5. Hello class as you remember I have been a stodent here and i say it’s great! I only stopped because We thought we would like home school was going to be better. I think it might not be. I hope more people come and that you have a great time at MVCS. Well bye for now.

    From Adelle

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