Awesome Summer Reader #2!

Tukie recommends the Pokemon graphic novels to all of you.  Did you know they go from right to left instead of left to right?  I didn’t.  He is on book #2 of this series, and then he will already have completed three books this summer.  Who’s up for joining Mrs. Shedd and Tukie in the summer reading challenge?  Yeah, Tukie!

Book Recommendation: Lost on a Mountain in Maine

Another summer blogging tradition is sharing our book recommendations.  I’ll be sending home blogging instructions next week, and we hope that many of the students will share all about their reading adventures on their own blogs throughout the summer.

One of my favorite read-alouds that we did not have time to squeeze in this year was Lost on a Mountain in Maine.  If you like action and adventure in your book choices, this is a true story of a young man who got lost on Mount Katahdin.  Amazon says, “Based on the true account of a boy’s harrowing journey through the vast wilderness of the Katahdin Mountains, Lost on a Mountain in Maine is a gripping survival story for all ages.”

Here is an article by Justin Housman about Donn’s adventures to whet your appetite.

12-Year-Old Donn Fendler Survived Nine Days Lost on Maine’s Katahdin

Donn lived to 90, and he didn’t shy away from adventure his whole life, from becoming a Green Beret to collaborating on a graphic novel of his story not long before he passed away in 2016.

You are always invited to check out books from our classroom over the summer, and I will have a few copies of both of these available if you are interested.  Stop in to visit!


Evan Finishes Appalachian Trail

One of my former Sunday School students generously shared his step-by-step journey along the Appalachian Trail this spring.  What an addition to our study of the regions of the United States, as we got to see the southeast and northeast regions up close and personal through his eyes.  He started in Georgia in February, and I believe he is on his fourth pair of sneakers now.  This week he made it!  All 2,190 miles to Mount Katahdin in Maine.  Here are some photos from the big finish.

We used this interactive map of the Appalachian Trail to learn more as he journeyed.

We saw this and joked that maybe this would be his next walk.  Ha ha.  Actually, it looks like college is next, and that is exciting too.  May the Lord bless you, Evan!  Thanks for sharing.

Our First Summer Reader Reporting In . . . .

Every summer, the blog switches over from daily classroom news to fun summer news of interest to our class and the incoming class.  One tradition is to post photos of our community reading in all sorts of fascinating summer places.  Mrs. Shedd, our class reading champion who beats us all every year, sent this photo today of reading to her grandchildren in Michigan.  Our first reader reporting in!

I also just finished gluing her tea party thank you note to go with her thank you grocery gift card.  Each student designed a teacup that showed his or her personality in some way, and it came out so very cute.  Ta da!

Congratulations, Dan Tavis!

We love to follow local authors and illustrators. This year we hoped to encourage Dan Tavis, a Christian young man from New Hampshire who is starting off his career as an illustrator with a bang. We sent Marco Polo comments to him after his new book on krill came out, and Whale Fall Cafe was one of our favorite picture books of the whole year.

Well, imagine hitting the New York Times bestsellers at #1 in children’s picture books while you’re still in your twenties! Dan did that this week!  Congratulations, Dan!

Young Eagles

Thanks to Young Eagles volunteer pilots Braxton Freeman in his Piper Cherokee, John Wilson in his Cessna 172, and Roger Sharkey in his Enstrom Helicopter, our 3rd/4th students had the opportunity to fly like eagles!  The Young Eagles program was founded in honor of the anniversary of the Wright brothers’ 1903 flight.  The goal is to introduce and inspire kids in the world of aviation.  Our Young Eagles will be entered into the World’s Largest Logbook now that they have completed their flight.  Thank you, Experimental Aircraft Association, for your generosity to young people!