TWOSday, conclusion, but math goes on and on and on


Of course, no TWOSday would be complete without our buddies.  At Mrs. Fullerton’s station, the olders helped the youngers create TWOSday crowns.  The station in our room began with enjoying a Chinese folk tale, Two of Everything by Hong, while eating pears (homophone joke!) and a tiny Twix.  Then we did a short engineering challenge, “What can you make with 22?”  You should hear our buddies count!

*2:22 on 2/2/22

And what did we do at 2:22 on 2/2/22?  We DANCED a giant TWO dance to Jack Hartmann’s “I Can Show the Number Two in Many Ways.”  Oh, the joy!

*So TWOSday is a wrap, but it clearly reminded us of the wonder each day brings.  God has surrounded us with so many things to enjoy and learn about, and we can’t wait to explore!

TWOSday, part TWO!

*The TWO snack challenge:

Come up with an interesting idea for your snack or lunch related to two.  It could be two of something, foods that come in pairs like cookies and milk, halves, or other creative ideas.  It was marvelous!

*More twinning!

*And math, glorious math!

We took on a geometry challenge to create the number two to look 3-D, but it was so much more.  Check out Steve Wyborney’s youtube video with extra challenges following.  Our math discussion was lively and rich.

TWOSday! 2/22/22

Since our class is blessed with so many sets of twins (FOUR!), how could we resist celebrating 2/22/22!

*Twinning up

*TWO morning meeting
We greeted each other with creative two ideas, and then we each shared something that comes in twos.  For our activity, we did a “Find Someone Who . . . . ” scavenger hunt all filled with twos.  Find someone who can write two adjectives, who can draw 2 rectangles with an area of 20, who can write 2 fractions greater than one-half, . . . .

*TWO writing
We are starting up the United States Postal Service’s Pen Pal Project with pen pals in Louisiana as part of our regions of the U.S.

*Stay tuned for more TWOSday excitement coming . . . . . 


Thanks to our room parents, all the families, and Mrs. Shedd for a rollicking Valentine’s Day party full of brotherly love and togetherness fun!

The students sewed 30 fleece neck warmers with Mrs. Shedd to donate at the Haven for those in need.  Giant thanks to our fleece donors.

Our school families generously donated socks and granola bars for the Haven as part of our missions project as well.  At the party, the students filled the socks with granola bars, wrapped them up, and topped them off with a tag sharing God’s love.  I delivered them to the Haven this morning.

How exciting to watch our students bear one another’s burdens and love one another with Christ’s love.  What a blessing!

Forty Book Challenge First Finishers!

What an exciting accomplishment when our mighty readers start crossing the Forty Book Challenge finish line!  Finishing at this time of year means they averaged about two books per week since school started.  Imagine the adventures their minds have taken.  Reaching forty on the same day were Ethan and Lily!  Woohoo!  We interviewed them to find out their reading thoughts.

Each student who finishes gets SENT TO THE HEAD OF SCHOOL’S OFFICE!  Hee hee.

Lily:  I wanted to tell you about my favorite series of books.  They are the Magic Tree House books, because Mary Pope Osborne does lots of good telling about what they feel and the words they say.  She makes it feel like you are actually doing it with them.  I think my favorite one is the first one because it tells how they found the treehouse for the first time.  I have learned that with your imagination anything can happen!

Ethan:  DC  Comic’s Challengers of the Unknown is one of my favorite books right now.  It is very adventurous.  You can have some fun pretending and having your imagination go wild.  To us it’s in our imagination even though it’s a real adventure for them.  You can imagine being along with them rescuing people from different dimensions and the strange beasts there.  They go around saving people.  They help with courage.  If you dream about doing great things, you can do normal helping others and be a hero every day.