Good Citizen Challenge 2022

Various Vermont sponsors put on this summer challenge.  Last year’s 3rd/4th graders have already completed some of the required activities as part of their state studies.  Let me know if you need a photo proving some that we have done, such as the State House visit.

All participants who complete a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row in the challenge win an invitation to a VIP reception at the State House in September, and the grand prize includes a trip to Washington, DC!

Notice that there are additional prizes available to students who complete all of a certain category.  Explore the instructions and have fun!

All entries must be received by September 5, 2022.

Good Citizen Challenge 2022

Health Commercials Were a Hit!

Here is an example of our health commercials, our last science project of the year.  Each student selected a topic of interest to explore, then created a compelling commercial to help us all improve our health choices.  Each commercial had a catchy and creative idea for presenting, a J.A.M. (Just a Minute for fitness) that matched the topic, plus a sampler snack that showed the student’s understanding of healthy nutrition.

Enjoy Sean’s commercial about the health benefits of swimming, then explore other commercials on the students’ individual blogs.

This Week’s Blogging Challenge: Summer Food!

One of my family’s favorite summer traditions is the giant Fourth of July celebration in our town of Andover.  We are blessed to live along the parade route, and every year we invite friends (like Mrs. Shedd!) to park in our driveway, watch the parade with us, and have a picnic lunch afterwards.  The town green is just a short walk up the street, full of games and activities for the whole family.  It is just a blast.

So our picnic table was full of summery delights, from hot dogs to “Frog Egg Salad”.  Yum.

This week’s blogging challenge is for you to share a food of summer.  What has tickled your taste buds this summer?  Let us know!