Forty Book Challenge!

On our Remembrance Day during the last week of school, we celebrated many things God has blessed us with and done for us in this year together.  One celebration was the final tally of books from our Forty Book Challenge.  We read 757 books this school year, an average of 38 per person.  That is some awesome reading by these mighty readers!

Forty Book Challenge First Finishers!

What an exciting accomplishment when our mighty readers start crossing the Forty Book Challenge finish line!  Finishing at this time of year means they averaged about two books per week since school started.  Imagine the adventures their minds have taken.  Reaching forty on the same day were Ethan and Lily!  Woohoo!  We interviewed them to find out their reading thoughts.

Each student who finishes gets SENT TO THE HEAD OF SCHOOL’S OFFICE!  Hee hee.

Lily:  I wanted to tell you about my favorite series of books.  They are the Magic Tree House books, because Mary Pope Osborne does lots of good telling about what they feel and the words they say.  She makes it feel like you are actually doing it with them.  I think my favorite one is the first one because it tells how they found the treehouse for the first time.  I have learned that with your imagination anything can happen!

Ethan:  DC  Comic’s Challengers of the Unknown is one of my favorite books right now.  It is very adventurous.  You can have some fun pretending and having your imagination go wild.  To us it’s in our imagination even though it’s a real adventure for them.  You can imagine being along with them rescuing people from different dimensions and the strange beasts there.  They go around saving people.  They help with courage.  If you dream about doing great things, you can do normal helping others and be a hero every day.

Forty Book Challenge

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These readers are already off and running!  Our personal reading choice time is one of our favorite times of the day, and the books are flying off the shelves.  We’ve already had a number of Book Talks in morning meeting, where readers share a recommendation.  The reading energy is contagious around here.

Forty Book Challenge 2020-2021

On our tea party day, we celebrated our reading success! Our community read 1,064 books this school year, an average of 59 chapter books per person.  One of the memories this year was how special it was for each of us to complete reading an entire book (or more) of the Bible.  The students also particularly enjoyed the Geronimo Stilton collection, the Who Was series, Mercy Watson, lots of graphic novels, Hardy Boys, Boxcar Children, Magic Tree House, joke books, and a lot of nonfiction books about topics of interest.  I wonder what great books we will tackle this summer!

Two More Wild Readers!

Mrs. Shedd and Miss Blessing crossed the “finish line” of the Forty Book Challenge this week!  Yahoo!  In their interview, they collaborated on favorite places to read.

***When I was in third/fourth grade, I loved to read . . . . 

–up in my favorite climbing tree along our field (Miss B)

–in my pink gingham windowseat in my room (Miss B)

–on the sofa in the living room (Mrs. Shedd)

***Some unusual places we have read. . . . 

–at the gas station while my husband is pumping gas (Mrs. Shedd)

–in every line or wherever I am waiting for people no matter where it is (Miss B)

–on the ferry to Newfoundland (Miss B)

–in my bunk at Camp Maranatha (Mrs. Shedd)

***Places we love to read now . . . . 

–my recliner (Mrs. Shedd)

–laying on the couch (Mrs. Shedd)

–in my hammock (Mrs. Shedd)

–in a comfy chair by the ocean in Maine (Mrs. Shedd and Miss B)

–on the porch in a rocking chair, even when it is below freezing (Miss B)

–out in the garden among the flowers (Miss B)

***We keep books everywhere–by the bed, by the chair, in the bathroom, in the car, in the kindle on the phone, at school, at work–so no matter where we are, we can read, read, read!  Leave a comment about where YOU like to read!

Forty Book Challenge SuperReader Ethan!

Our fourth  SuperReader passed 40 books in the Forty Book Challenge today!  Congratulations, Ethan!

In his reading interview, Ethan commented,

“I recommend reading a Superman book.  There is a lot of action, like Superman saves buildings from falling over, and saves boats from crashing into icebergs, and saves trains from falling off broken tracks.  It includes interesting details in the graphics, like the colors and the shadows.  They blend the colors in to make a new color.  I really like these stories because they have interesting words and super-long words.  Some examples are “kryptonite” and “Krypton.”  I really didn’t know that Superman was an alien.  I had only heard he was a superhero on earth.  So I learned new things about him in the graphic novel.

This was a fairly new genre to me this year, although I had read the Wings of Fire graphic novels before.  I really like it and want to read more.”

Congratulations, Mary, Reader Extraordinaire!

Mary crossed the Forty Book Challenge “finish line”, and she’s now on to 50, 60, 70 great books this year, . . . . who knows!

In her reading interview, Mary shared, “I would like to tell you about the Magic Treehouse series, as it is one of my favorite series.  I like how it has history mixed up in the story.  For example, they might go to America for the first Thanksgiving, or sometimes they go to random places where it has a research book to find out different things.  I think I have read around twenty of the series so far.”

Forty Book Challenge Finish Line (and Onward!)

Our first mighty reader has conquered reading forty books or more!  Congratulations, Joshua!

Interview with Joshua:

I love reading!  One of the reasons I love reading is because it’s more healthy for your eyes than a tv.  You can’t have too much screen time with a book, so you can read as long as you want.  Ha ha.  It’s always satisfying to finish a book.  It helps you to learn.  It helps you practice imagining things and making a story picture in your head.

I recommend My Side of the Mountain for people who like the wilderness and want to learn more about surviving in the wild.

I really liked getting a special pencil from the principal today to celebrate making the Forty Book Challenge.  Reading is really awesome!