Zooming Fun

This week’s Zoom meetings were phenomenal! On Tuesday, we had crazy t-shirt day, and we played an old favorite from our normal morning meetings, “What are YOU doing?”, virtual style.

The third graders had the honor of meeting the author of their latest class novel, Derwood, Inc.  Jeri Massi answered their questions and shared stories about how she got ideas for her many books.

We topped off the week with a session of Barnes Bodybuilding, which began back in our normal classroom earlier this year.  What fun to share what we’ve been up to for healthy activity and to exercise together by Zoom!  The whole virtual thing is pretty hilarious sometimes!


How we thank God for the blessing of technology so that we still are able to enjoy our classroom community in many ways.  Zoom on!


Buenos Dias!

Mrs. Walker was our surprise Zoom guest this morning for morning meeting!  She led us in Spanish greetings and a mini lesson about our favorite colors.  We shared outdoor springtime activities we love.  Her updates on the students in Guatemala helped us to be able to pray for them more specifically.

Mrs. Walker even gave each family a list of wonderful websites and resources to use in keeping up with learning Spanish at home.  We are so thankful for our dear Mrs. Walker!

Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

Hopefully, many of you used this Gratitude Scavenger Hunt while you were on your family walk today.  I thought about these things during my snow brain break and then in the late morning when I was out delivering a meal to a church family for a walking brain break.

1.  I do love to look at snow, and I enjoy the humor of New Hampshire in the springtime, swirling a bit of snow around from time to time.

5.  Something that makes me happy is my rocking chair on my porch.  I love to whistle to the birds, read books, pray, watch the sunrise, and so much more right on my own doorstep.

15.  Something in the morning that I enjoy is looking east at the sunrise from my cozy Bible reading chair.  In the summer, I watch the sunrise while I swim at Highland Lake just up the road, and that is spectacular.  I want to start every day praising the Lord with gigantic praises!

4.  Something I thought someone else would enjoy is one of the covered bridges in our town.  I love white birch trees, so I stopped to savor this view on my little windy walk.

12.  Something that is unique to me is that we have a marvelous rail trail all the way through our town, which is perfect for biking, hiking, and more.  Doesn’t it just make you want to wander?

3.  I love bright colors, especially green, blue, yellow, and pink.  Today had them all with the deep green pine trees against the cornflower blue sky combined with spring flowers brightening up the brown.  I saw my first blooming forsythia of the year today on my outing, and the pops of yellow seemed to shout for joy.


My heart is filled with gratitude today, and my walks gave me an opportunity to whisper my thanks to my Father.  How about you?

Morning Meeting Greeting Questions

Choose one of these conversation starters to answer in the comments.  Put the number of the question you choose in your answer.  Don’t forget to visit back again later to read and respond to everyone’s thoughts!

1. If you could make up a brand new school subject, what would it be?
2. Can you remember a time when you laughed so hard you snorted?  Tell us about it.
3. Make up a new holiday.  Tell us about it.
4. What is you favorite letter of the alphabet? Why?
5. If someone gave you $50 dollars what would you do with it?
6. Would you rather eat your least favorite vegetable or have extra homework?  Why?
7. When you are sad how do you make yourself feel better?
8. Would you rather pack your lunch or buy from a restaurant?  Why?
9. What is your favorite day of the week?  Why?
10. What is the best way to eat an Oreo?  Describe.

Some News . . . .

Stuffy sharing part of her book project on Derwood Inc.



Rat used skills she learned from Mrs. Shedd’s sewing STEAM sessions to make doll clothes on her own at home.


It’s a little different sharing our STEAM Sound Wave Watcher projects by Zoom,

but we are adventurous learners no matter where we happen to be!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha . . . . .

My Morning Meeting Greeting Answer to #7

(I am putting my answer here instead of in the comments so I can add some photos for you to enjoy!)

My brother John is the character who makes me laugh the most in life. Whenever we are together, you can probably hear the laughing all the way outside the house.

Did you know he was in my very first class as a teacher, and I taught him for 3rd through 6th grade?  Here are pages from one his Space Cadet series.

He tied as the winner of the funny face contest at morning meeting, and he kept us laughing every day.

Here is cardboard cutout John, used for all sorts of practical jokes at the train company where he works.

He sings me “The Teacher Blues” on his guitar when I’m down.

Can you tell he is a CHARACTER?


Yup.  The character who makes me laugh the most.  I am blessed.