Giving Engineering?

There is joy in serving Jesus!  Our theme of the week needs to be lived out in actions, so we looked around for a way we could serve someone.  As our morning meeting activity, teams brainstormed engineering challenges to bless our first graders, who have the most fabulous building area in their room.  Then the teams filled a bag with all the supplies needed for each challenge.

Shhh . . . we are secretly dropping off the mystery engineering bags every few days.  (For example, use these supplies to build the tallest thing you can.  Create something with wheels using these supplies.  Design your own robot to add to your building area.)  We can’t wait to see what they think as they try our challenges!

Starburst Rock Cycle

The students were so very excited about their edible rock cycles that they insisted I post all about it RIGHT NOW! TODAY! So here it is.

We watched several videos to review some of our rock information from the past week.

Three Types of Rocks Song

Modeling the Rock Cycle

Then we made a model of the rock cycle using Starbursts. We used this gentleman’s demonstration to help us.

Starburst Rock Cycle

Finally, here is a peek at our success! The whole downstairs smelled like a fruity volcano erupting!

I forgot to take a picture before I left, but one of my dear students left this cool note on the board for me to find after school: “Miss Blessing, you ROCK!”

Meet Blessing

As you would expect, being a teacher is full of joy.  You might guess that teachers love the opportunity to learn with precious children each day, and we do.  How about staying young because you are surrounded by wonder each day?  Yes!

However, some of the blessings of teaching are surprising, and that is why you see teachers smile more than the ordinary citizen.  For example, have you ever had a cow named after you?  Yesterday on our trip to Billings Farm, I got to meet “my” bovine friend for the first time, Billings Reagan’s Blessing.  When she was born, Regan named her for me, and it an honor I will treasure my whole life long.


(A little cow trivia:  Regan taught us that cows are named with three names.  The first tells where they are born (Billings).  The middle one is for the sire, the father’s name (Reagan).  The last one you get to choose, but it starts with the mother’s first initial, which for Blessing was Bryant.  We all made up our own cow names while we were walking along by the barn yesterday.)