Safely Moved

Here’s the latest from our classmate Finnian about his move west.

“Right now we are living in our camper as we wait for our house to close. My school will only be 5 mins away from our new home, which is fantastic! We toured my new school Tuesday, and I am looking forward to starting. It was such a long adventure traveling across the country (61 hours). We did stop at the OH Caverns, Mt Rushmore, and the Dinosaurs Museum in WY. We have also stated exploring this area. Craters of the Moon was soooo hot but worth it. Thank you for the prayers.”

Vintage Post–Remembrance Day

On our last day together as a class, we celebrate Remembrance Day.  Like the Israelites stacked up stones to remind themselves of the great things God had done, we spend the whole day remembering God’s goodness to us as a class through team activities, games that include snippets of our yearlong learning, revisiting some of our favorite things, a divine tea party created and hosted by Mrs. Shedd, and revealing our Forty Book Challenge total for the year.  What a day!

Step Up Day!

Celebrating another step in life, possibilities, growth, the excitement of what’s ahead, . . . .

I challenge you not to laugh as you look at this series of attempts to get a good shot.  Do you think we are excited about new friendships, learning together, and the joy of creating classroom community?  Huzzah!