Perseverance Interviews

To find out more about how different people have succeeded in reaching big goals in their lives, we interviewed people we admire. We asked questions about how they persisted, who helped them along the way, and what it feels like to reach a major goal. Here are the first four timelines of perseverance and determination. We learned a lot, and we hope you get fantastic ideas from these gritty folks as well.

Air Force Victory by Slugger

How my Mom Became a Dentist by Dinosaur Disaster

Being a Teacher by Gymnast

Noah Crane’s Baseball Team by Baseball Boy


MVCS’s theme for the new school year is FOCUS, and our class is going with a rock climber analogy as we discuss and live it out (thanks to my Vertical Dreams niece Gloriana’s inspiration). Huzzah to my sister for this suggestion for our little garden (side note–replanting after the squirrel took out all the sunflowers by jumping on them). The frog belaying the gecko just cracks me up!