Caretaker Extraordinaire!

There is no other place quite like this place!  We praise God every day for the many special MVCS delights, and today we would like to showcase our dear Mr. Ralph, who models joy in serving every single day no matter how many messes we make.

Folks may not realize that one of the reasons MVCS can make do with such a thrifty budget is Mr. Ralph.  He hides behind the scenes, quietly going about his business, but he fixes EVERYTHING!  No endless requisition forms and maintenance checklists here.  He tucks a sticky note in his pocket and often fixes things that very same day.  I have seen a lot of schools, and I’ve never seen one that can make a table or a desk last longer than ours while still looking sharp.  Talk about persistence!  This week he made my fifteen-year-old bookcase better than new even after it drooped over to the side like a wilted flower.  My stubborn stool that just wouldn’t fix is now sturdy and unmovable.

He also models creativity, ingenuity, and problem solving to all of us.  We had a new set of privacy shields that kept tipping over in their tiny storage spot behind the door.  Mr. Ralph used a Promethean board box and some duct tape to engineer a perfect storage container to hold our boards.

Cheers to Mr. Ralph, one of MVCS’s hearty heroes!