Music Around the World

Have you ever wondered what is number one on the music charts in Germany, India, or Peru?  Well, in the grand kickoff of our “Current Events Around the World” START session, Elizabeth, Laya, and Max inspired us to move and groove to some international tunes.  We did some comparing and contrasting, wondering, and listening, as well as a LOT of twirling, trotting, hopping, and expressing.  Thank you, START volunteers, for sharing your passion for the beautiful world!

START Starts, and We Can’t Wait!

Guess who I met today!  Our new START team is sizzling with energy and ideas, and they are ready to meet the second and third grade “world travelers”!

We are all excited about the theme for the six weeks of winter START–Current Events Around the World.  We are hoping to connect with our classmate Natalie’s travels to broaden our understanding of inventions, cultures, happenings, the arts, and more from many different places.  Keep watching our blog to see what happens next Thursday on our first day together.

Until then, meet our volunteers!

Max says, “I am a freshman from Oregon.  I am interested in studying computer science and music, and my hobbies include piano and singing.  After high school, I took a gap year to travel by myself around the world.  I especially like the outdoors, so I explored many mountains.  Some of the places I went include Iceland, a road trip across Canada in the winter (brrr!), and taking trains through the English countryside to search for long-lost relatives.  I created a five song album and a music video about my adventures.”

Elizabeth introduces herself, “I am a sophomore from the suburbs of Chicago.  I am in the pre-med track at Dartmouth, and my goal is to become a pediatrician.  I volunteer a lot with young people to help me toward my goal.  I am studying biology and Spanish.  Some of my hobbies include piano and dance.  I like all kinds of dancing, especially modern, contemporary, and jazz.”

And here is Laya–“I am a sophomore from the San Francisco Bay area of California.  I am into building iPhone apps, and I also enjoy sculpting and painting.  I am in the computer science track for now.  Moving across the country for college has been really exciting for me, and I encourage you to try that someday and to have open minds about exploring new places when you have the chance.”

Praising God!

How we love our friend!  We have carried this friend on our hearts all through his health challenges and hospital stay, and we had the joy of sending him all kinds of frogs to make him happy.  (He loves frogs.)  We sent origami frogs, a stuffed frog, an engineering bling frog, and even a super long Friendship Frog Pond.  We prayed and prayed for him.

Our friend sent us a bucket of thank you surprises today plus this picture from the hospital showing we helped him to smile.  Praise God for all His answers to prayer in this situation!

Welcome Home!

It is a wonderful day in our class!  Natalie is finally home from traveling abroad, and we are celebrating!  We already learned a lot from her about India this morning during morning meeting share, and we can’t wait to learn more.  Welcome home!


Young Teachers

As a little encouragement, the students get a punch on their H.O.T. (Homework on Time) passes each time they hand in homework on time.  When they fill their card, they get to choose an encouragement, and many of them choose to go teach in the younger classes.  After one special teaching session, Mrs. Horner said, “Thank you for teaching the kindergarten how to make spiral snakes!”


Shepherd on the Search

Every year we look for ways to serve and give during December.  This year we did Shepherd on the Search for our preschool buddies.  Our whole class planned together, and we prepared the supplies.  Teams of second and third graders hid the shepherd each day and taught a mini lesson about who Jesus is that included a craft or activity.  What a blessing this was!  It helped us all keep our minds fixed on Jesus during the Christmas season.