How Do Engineers Work Together?

Challenge:  Construct a tower at least ten inches high that will support a stuffy using only index cards and one meter of masking tape.  Use the engineering design process.  (Ask-Imagine-Plan-Create-Improve)

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***Ivy and Jon:  “You hold here while I hold here, and it will work.”

***Nevaeh and Alivia:  “This is so amazing!  You have great ideas!  You are a great partner.  We combined our ideas.”

***Noah and Jackson:  “We can do this!  Let’s put our ideas together!”

***Audrey and Molly:  “Let’s try this now to see if it will work.”

***Joshua and Benjamin:  “Yes!  We did it.  Nice work!”

***Micah and Nathaniel:  “I was thinking the same thing.  We are doing well with time.”

To Forty and Beyond!


Noah passed forty books this week in the Forty Book Challenge!  Celebrate another power reader with us!

Noah:  I like to read with my friends quietly, and sometimes I read really long books.  Other times I read short books.  Right now I am reading a series called The Mouse and the Motorcycle.  I like that series because the motorcycle Ralph makes is really fun.  The author had a really good idea because he goes on really good adventure instead of sitting around and eating like a fat mouse would.  I am in Runaway Ralph right now, and then I will read Ralph S. Mouse.

Perseverance Interviews

To find out more about how different people have succeeded in reaching big goals in their lives, we interviewed people we admire. We asked questions about how they persisted, who helped them along the way, and what it feels like to reach a major goal. Here are the first four timelines of perseverance and determination. We learned a lot, and we hope you get fantastic ideas from these gritty folks as well.

Air Force Victory by Slugger

How my Mom Became a Dentist by Dinosaur Disaster

Being a Teacher by Gymnast

Noah Crane’s Baseball Team by Baseball Boy

Mighty Readers March On


Our Voki to congratulate Mrs. Shedd on reaching the Forty Book Challenge already! Wow!


I love to read! My favorite thing to do is to read! I also like to listen to each of you read, because you are all great readers, too!
I enjoy reading chapter books of all kinds, and I read almost every evening before I go to bed. Sometimes it’s very quiet in my house because my husband and I are both reading. Because I read so much, (5 or 6 books a week) I don’t really have a reading goal. Over the years there have been many books that I’ve enjoyed reading so much that I considered them to be my favorites. Some of them I have read aloud to my husband, and in this way we have enjoyed them together. I have read aloud most of the “Mitford” books by Jan Karon, and those are favorites of ours

I don’t really have a special favorite book in the Bible…although, the Psalms are always a great encouragement to me. I have been reading in Ephesians and Colossians… . Did I answer all of your questions?
Mrs. Shedd