MVCS’s theme for the new school year is FOCUS, and our class is going with a rock climber analogy as we discuss and live it out (thanks to my Vertical Dreams niece Gloriana’s inspiration). Huzzah to my sister for this suggestion for our little garden (side note–replanting after the squirrel took out all the sunflowers by jumping on them). The frog belaying the gecko just cracks me up!


So Thankful

Here you see one of the most humble and joyful servants of God I have been blessed to know.  MVCS is a truly phenomenal place, and Mr. Ralph is one of the many reasons that is so.


“Blessed are the people to whom such blessings fall!

Blessed are the people whose God is the LORD!”

Psalm 144:15


Just Keep Swimming . . .


The annual August “spring cleaning” means plugging away a bit day by day, and it pretty much looks worse before it looks better.


These lovely helpers came yesterday to help power through a lot of the jobs!  We scrubbed, and we stickered, and we lugged, and we organized!  The great company made the day a blast!




Lunch break with Mrs. Shedd’s special zucchini bread to fuel us on!


Ta Da!  Clean reading castle!  Thank you, helpers, for your generosity and your good cheer!  (I’m still cracking up over the Powell summer adventure stories!)

Dust and Joy

Dear Mrs. Shedd blessed me today by coming to help unpack and clean our room now that wonderful Mr. Ralph and Mr. Cole have completed all the summer maintenance work in there.  She made a dirty, hot job into a treat with her delightful company.  Then to top it all off, Miss Hellickson joined us for lunch, and some of our favorite people saw my car out front and popped by for a visit!  You wouldn’t think a cleaning day could be such a treat, but it was!