Persuasive Family Adventure Websites

Philbrick-Cricenti Bog

Montshire nature trails

Saunt-Gaudens National Historic Site

Valley Quests

Murdough Experimental Greenhouse at Dartmouth

Brookfield Floating Bridge

covered bridges of NH

covered bridges of VT

251 Club of Vermont

Hood Museum of Art

walking tour of Claremont Village Industrial District (free brochure from Chamber of Commerce on Tremont Square)

Things to do in New Hampshire

30 Great Things to Do in Vermont

Quechee Gorge

Velvet Rocks Trail in Lebanon, NH



Or borrow one my books for a night or two to find many more ideas:

Off the Beaten Path:  Guide to Unique Places in New Hampshire

Insiders’ Guide:  Fun with the Family in Vermont and New Hampshire

Best-Loved Family Adventures in the Connecticut River Valley

–Vt and NH guides

–Valley Quest guides

Persuasive Family Adventure

This is the month to practice our persuasive writing techniques at home.  My prediction is that you will have a blast on this family adventure.  One reason you will enjoy this assignment is that it gets you out in the beautiful New England springtime to enjoy the fresh air with your family BEFORE the black flies hatch.  Also, who doesn’t want to explore something they haven’t seen or learned about before?  You even get to choose whatever type of adventure you wish to experience!  It can be as simple as hiking in the woods or as fancy as a “tourist trap.”  Finally, I think you will enjoy writing persuasively because you will share what you have discovered with a very appreciative audience.  So off you go!

What?  A Family Adventure

Where?  You choose!  The goal is to find something in your neighborhood/town/community that you haven’t seen or tried before.  See the suggestions that follow to get your creative juices flowing.

While you are there?  Come up with a creative way to show what you did.  Take a photograph, film a little video, grab a brochure, draw a picture, make a collage, or come up with your own idea.  We will look forward to seeing a little something visual when you share your writing piece, and perhaps it could be shared on your blog as well.

Then what?  Go on your adventure by Monday, May 1st.  Fill in the graphic organizer online ( or on paper with your opinion about the place you went.  Should we go there too?  Or not?  Think of at least three strong reasons for your opinion, and add smaller details about each reason.  Be sure to discuss your reasons with your family and include their ideas as well.

When?  Bring your graphic organizer/planner to class by Monday, May 1st.  We will discuss the next steps together after giving each other suggestions about the strength of the reasons for our opinion.


Some ideas to consider:

*Is there a place of physical beauty in your neighborhood that you have not yet taken the time to visit?  (A mountain to climb, a river to explore, a historic marker you haven’t taken the time to read and visit, or a forest to hike in?)

*Is there something that you’ve always been curious about that you have never yet stopped to see?  (A strange looking store, a neighboring farm, the Lebanon Pet and Aquarium Center, a bridge with interesting architecture, a cemetery with very old markers?)

*Explore online to find out what might be in your area that is new to you.  (For example, have you heard of the floating bridge in Brookfield, the bog trail in New London, NH, or the Murdough Experimental Greenhouse at Dartmouth College?)

*Splurge over vacation going somewhere your family has wanted to go.  (King Arthur Flour, the aquatic center, a bowling alley, or the sea)

*Perhaps there is an activity your family has always wondered about.  (Just a few years ago, I took training with the Upper Valley and discovered Valley Quest treasure hunting.  Check out the website or borrow one of my questing books.)

*Try something ridiculous (or don’t!).  I just read about having a Maple Massage at the Spa at Stowe Mountain Lodge, a lovely maple syrup and brown sugar scrub treatment, followed by a shower with seven shower heads, for only $150!  Ha ha.

How to Make S’mores

Here is a sample of one of the student’s how-to projects to enjoy.  Check out the others on the individual blogs as they appear.


When you begin to make s’mores, you need to gather the ingredients.  There are three ingredients that you will need in order to make a s’more.  You will need chocolate, graham crackers, and a marshmallow.

First, you break a graham cracker in two pieces.  Then you will put some chocolate on the graham cracker.  Next, you will place a marshmallow on top of the chocolate.  Lastly, you will put the graham cracker, chocolate, and the marshmallow on a napkin.  Then you will place the ingredients in the microwave for fifteen seconds.  When it is done, place the other half of the graham cracker on top of the marshmallow.  Eat the s’more!

Coming Soon to Your Favorite Student’s Blog–“How-To” Writing

Our room has been full of clear and orderly instructions this week as each student presents a “how-to” project sharing something he or she knows how to do. We have learned how to make a s’more, how to feed a hamster, how to decorate a cupcake, how to make a flower key chain, and so much more! Here’s a sneak preview of the projects that will be featured on the student blogs.