Summer Fun First!

Hi everyone!
I am in the Chicago area for a conference – yes, even principals go to classes!…and on top of that during the summer! I am also able to enjoy a few special vacation days too!

I was very excited to take my niece for her first time to Wrigley Field for her first Cubs game! Although she is not a baseball fan she had a lot of fun and asked a lot of good questions and now understands a lot more about the game, the Cubs, and why her Aunt Debbie loves❤️ the Cubbies so much!!! And a big bonus was the Cubs first batter hit a home run ⚾️ and the Cubs won!!! You know what that means!? We got to sing 🎶 Go Cubs Go with 41,000 other fans!!! Hey Chicago – and my MVCS family – what da ya say…the Cubs are gonna win today! Go Cubs Go!!!
Here are a few pictures until I get to show you more in the future!
Hope you are enjoying your summer!
Love, Miss Hellickson

Missing Them Already

So summer cleaning is always bittersweet for me.  I love the big housekeeping that brings a lovely, fresh start to each fall, but I miss the children so very much.  Here are a few peeks at today . . .

I keep a file of “keep forever” notes to look through when I need a shot of encouragement, and here’s one I’m adding in today.  “Your joy level is so high you could touch the sky.”  Seriously, these young people are irresistible!

So then I’m cleaning in the hall, taking down the ivy from the coat hooks, and there are hilarious surprises that I never knew the kids had put there.

A tiny frog, . . .

. . . and one of our rock climbing geckos!  I laughed out loud.  My kids delight me every day, even when they aren’t actually here!

Finally, this surprise made my day!  We had school tour visitors, and it was just what I needed.  My heart is full.

Compassion Experience

The Compassion Experience is coming to Riverbank Church this weekend, and it would be a wonderful thing to do with your family!  I’ll be volunteering on Friday from 4:00-8:30, and it would make my day to see some of my dear students.  I miss everyone already!

Here is some information about the Compassion Experience as well as a link for signing up, although you can drop by anytime as well.

The Compassion Experience:

Interactive exhibit for ages 5 and above

Take your kids on a unique adventure to the developing world—without leaving home! Through the Compassion Experience’s 2,000 square feet of interactive exhibit space, you will step inside the daily life of a real Compassion-sponsored child and be guided by that child (through the use of an iPod and headset) on his or her journey from poverty to hope. This educational and fun family activity is coming to a city near you soon.

June 23-26 at Riverbank Church in White River Junction, Vermont

Other Compassion family activity ideas