Question:  What is footy?

Answer:  Australian style football!  Check it out!

This week’s START featured Sports Around the World, with plenty of art, acting, and teamwork from us.  A theme of thought is emerging, as each week we discover that people around the world have so much in common even if they don’t speak the same language.  Human beings around the world all appreciate music, have a love of beauty, and enjoy all kinds of play.  Once again, START was a highlight of our week.

Reading various types of graphs, charts, and tables is an important reading skill for us.

This photo expresses the utter engagement of START.  Look at those thinking faces!

Our tremendous volunteers in action!

Giving Engineering?

There is joy in serving Jesus!  Our theme of the week needs to be lived out in actions, so we looked around for a way we could serve someone.  As our morning meeting activity, teams brainstormed engineering challenges to bless our first graders, who have the most fabulous building area in their room.  Then the teams filled a bag with all the supplies needed for each challenge.

Shhh . . . we are secretly dropping off the mystery engineering bags every few days.  (For example, use these supplies to build the tallest thing you can.  Create something with wheels using these supplies.  Design your own robot to add to your building area.)  We can’t wait to see what they think as they try our challenges!

Music Around the World

Have you ever wondered what is number one on the music charts in Germany, India, or Peru?  Well, in the grand kickoff of our “Current Events Around the World” START session, Elizabeth, Laya, and Max inspired us to move and groove to some international tunes.  We did some comparing and contrasting, wondering, and listening, as well as a LOT of twirling, trotting, hopping, and expressing.  Thank you, START volunteers, for sharing your passion for the beautiful world!