Reaching the Forty Book Challenge by Baseball Boy

Before the year started, I had never thought about reading forty chapter books in a school year, but when Miss Blessing said we were going to challenge ourselves to read at least a book a week this year, I was really interested.  I’ve been reading lots of mysteries like Hardy Boys and Ballpark Mysteries, plus nonfiction books like the What Was . . . ? series.  What Was the Battle of Gettysburg? has been my favorite book so far this year because I get to learn facts about a war I never knew about.  I am thinking I can reach 200 chapter books this year!  Do you think I can?


Introducing our START Volunteers!

Oh, how we love our Dartmouth START volunteers!  The students were so anxious to get to know the new volunteers that they asked me to interview them during our planning meeting this afternoon.  Get ready to watch some amazing lessons that stir our biology unit objectives and the arts into a delectable brain combination.


So . . . . meet (from left to right). . . .

***Beverly!  She is an art major, and she loves to play scary video games.  She is from Wisconsin, and her favorite color is orange.

***Regan!  Regan loved us so much last year that she has volunteered to return to our class this fall!  How cool is that!  Regan is undecided about her major, but she is minoring in education and loves her education classes.  She is from Baltimore, Maryland, and her favorite season is fall.  She really loves to be outside, especially by the Connecticut River when she is at Dartmouth.

***Autumn!  Autumn is a psychology major, and she especially loves running, running, running.  She was in 4-H growing up, and she was excited to hear that not only do we know about 4-H around here, but some members of our class have their own farm animals and know about showing.  She had horses and goats in 4-H, and she is from Virginia.

***Our wonderful leader, Mary Gaetz!  Mary is the outreach coordinator at the Hopkins Center.  She studied theater, brings lots of children’s theater to the area, and directs plays in the community as well.  She has a husband and two cats, and she grew up in Kansas.