Blog Challenge–Week 3

Add a Picture!

This week’s challenge is to add a photo to your blog.  Take a picture of one of your summer adventures, and then tell us all about it!

*Log into your blog.

*Click “Posts”–“Add New.”

*Click the “Add Media” button.

*Choose “Upload Files”, select your picture, then click “Insert Into Post.”

*Now just add your title and write all about your picture!


My family spent this week celebrating a bit of a reunion, so my picture shows my two sisters with me at my parents’ house in Vermont.  The three of us girls have not been together for a whole week in quite awhile, and we are the best of friends, so it was such a treat.  Some of the crazy fun we had included stacking wood (ha ha), singing together, eating roast beef and mashed potatoes, roasting marshmallows, biking, fishing, walking through fields, climbing Vermont hills, sitting in lawn chairs watching the sun set, cooking, weeding the garden, going thrift shopping, celebrating the Fourth of July, holding babies, and much more.  Sometimes the ordinary things are really extraordinary.  My sister Kristi lives in the suburbs of a city in South Carolina, so a lot of the country New England things we might take for granted were extra special to us all this week.  Hooray for sisters!

4 thoughts on “Blog Challenge–Week 3

  1. I went fishing this summer too. I also went biking and I love roasting marshmallows at Treasure Island.

  2. Thank you so much for commenting! My nephew Zachary said that fishing was one of his favorite features of his visit from SC. Sounds like your summer has been excellent so far.

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