This Week’s Blogging Challenge: Summer Food!

One of my family’s favorite summer traditions is the giant Fourth of July celebration in our town of Andover.  We are blessed to live along the parade route, and every year we invite friends (like Mrs. Shedd!) to park in our driveway, watch the parade with us, and have a picnic lunch afterwards.  The town green is just a short walk up the street, full of games and activities for the whole family.  It is just a blast.

So our picnic table was full of summery delights, from hot dogs to “Frog Egg Salad”.  Yum.

This week’s blogging challenge is for you to share a food of summer.  What has tickled your taste buds this summer?  Let us know!

Awesome Summer Reader #2!

Tukie recommends the Pokemon graphic novels to all of you.  Did you know they go from right to left instead of left to right?  I didn’t.  He is on book #2 of this series, and then he will already have completed three books this summer.  Who’s up for joining Mrs. Shedd and Tukie in the summer reading challenge?  Yeah, Tukie!

Book Recommendation: Lost on a Mountain in Maine

Another summer blogging tradition is sharing our book recommendations.  I’ll be sending home blogging instructions next week, and we hope that many of the students will share all about their reading adventures on their own blogs throughout the summer.

One of my favorite read-alouds that we did not have time to squeeze in this year was Lost on a Mountain in Maine.  If you like action and adventure in your book choices, this is a true story of a young man who got lost on Mount Katahdin.  Amazon says, “Based on the true account of a boy’s harrowing journey through the vast wilderness of the Katahdin Mountains, Lost on a Mountain in Maine is a gripping survival story for all ages.”

Here is an article by Justin Housman about Donn’s adventures to whet your appetite.

12-Year-Old Donn Fendler Survived Nine Days Lost on Maine’s Katahdin

Donn lived to 90, and he didn’t shy away from adventure his whole life, from becoming a Green Beret to collaborating on a graphic novel of his story not long before he passed away in 2016.

You are always invited to check out books from our classroom over the summer, and I will have a few copies of both of these available if you are interested.  Stop in to visit!


Safely Moved

Here’s the latest from our classmate Finnian about his move west.

“Right now we are living in our camper as we wait for our house to close. My school will only be 5 mins away from our new home, which is fantastic! We toured my new school Tuesday, and I am looking forward to starting. It was such a long adventure traveling across the country (61 hours). We did stop at the OH Caverns, Mt Rushmore, and the Dinosaurs Museum in WY. We have also stated exploring this area. Craters of the Moon was soooo hot but worth it. Thank you for the prayers.”