How Do Engineers Work Together?

Challenge:  Construct a tower at least ten inches high that will support a stuffy using only index cards and one meter of masking tape.  Use the engineering design process.  (Ask-Imagine-Plan-Create-Improve)

img_1240 img_1247 img_1245 img_1243 img_1238 img_1237


***Ivy and Jon:  “You hold here while I hold here, and it will work.”

***Nevaeh and Alivia:  “This is so amazing!  You have great ideas!  You are a great partner.  We combined our ideas.”

***Noah and Jackson:  “We can do this!  Let’s put our ideas together!”

***Audrey and Molly:  “Let’s try this now to see if it will work.”

***Joshua and Benjamin:  “Yes!  We did it.  Nice work!”

***Micah and Nathaniel:  “I was thinking the same thing.  We are doing well with time.”

Engineer Gabriel Challenges You to . . . . More Bots!

Bots and more bots! Now that you have been thoroughly enjoying your scribblebot at home, are you ready for more engineering? Here are some more ideas to try, plus we’re sure you have many of your own ideas. If you try more engineering, share a picture with Miss Blessing for our blog!

Upcycled Toy Car Marker Bot
by Anne Carey at Left Brain Craft Brain

Use your scribblebot motor with an old hot wheels to try a new style of scribbling.  Don’t forget that you need to make the motor unbalanced in order to get the scooting motion.  You can also use a broccoli band to hold the wires on the battery if you don’t want to attach a bulky battery holder.

img_0413 img_0412

This website also has an idea for minion brush bots.



There are lots of ways to make bristlebots!  They vibrate around like homemade hex bugs.  Just ask your parents to google “bristlebots” if you want to see other ideas for making these, but here’s one of my favorite engineering websites to try.

How to Make a Better Bristlebot on Instructables

And just to get your brain churning, look at all these other bot ideas engineers just like you have come up with!

More Bots on Instructables!


Oh, 2nd and 3rd grade engineers, YOU HAVE JUST BEGUN!!!!!!!!!