Scotland’s Gritters

I love to learn.  Our class loves to learn.  We find intriguing bits everywhere we look as learners.

So here is one I had to share because I imagine it will tickle you too.  I subscribe to a quirky Upper Valley newsletter called Daybreak, and this is from Friday’s edition.  It fascinated me for a bunch of reasons, one being that it actually could be pretty handy to know where the plows are and how long it has been since they traveled over the section of the road you are venturing out on in a snowstorm.

“It’s not just that Scotland has a GIS map that lets you track the location of their “gritters,” or snowplows. It’s that they give each of them a name. Mary Queen of Salt. Lord Coldemort. Spreddie Van Halen. Wouldn’t you feel better knowing that that’s the Winnipesaltee handling the right lane over 89’s New London heights on an icy night? Or that Chomp is biting a path for you up to Montpelier through falling snow?”  (Rob Gurwitt, Daybreak)

Scotland’s Snowplow Tracker

(free image from Pixabay)

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