Praying for Anibal, our Compassion Child

Several weeks ago, I had the opportunity to volunteer for the Compassion Experience in White River Junction.  Look who I saw during my shift!

We just received a letter from our Compassion child Anibal along with an updated photo, so I thought I would pass it on to the children so they can be reminded to pray for him.

Dear sponsor,

I send you greetings with love and I hope you are in good health next to your family.  I am happy to write you again and I answer your questions.  I had the chance to have a happy Easter next to my family.  We went to church, we prepared delicious tamales (traditional Guatemalan food made of corn dough and meat), we went for a walk, and we visited my grandparents.  I like to go for a walk and play soccer.  Now I am in a soccer team named Barcelona.

I am well, and thanks for asking.  I am healthy.  My family is wonderfully enjoying of the blessing of God.

This year I started eighth grade.  I am taller, and there are new changes on me.  I take care of my animals, and I feed them.  My school is big.  There are 12 classrooms.  It has two yards.  One is to play soccer, and the other is to play basketball, and the roof is of terrace.

We are five in my family.  My parents are lovely, but my father is the most serious.  We share, and we go for a walk.

I thank you for the letters that you sent me where you show your love to me, and I love you too.  My hobbies are to play soccer and take care of my animals.  I share with my friends.  I have a pet named Boby, and he is a fun dog and he likes to play.  Do you have any pet?

Please pray for my education.  I say goodbye and hope you have success in your daily activities.

~Wilfred Anibal Manfredy Colop Tayun

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