Montana Adventure!

We got into Montana Wednesday night @ 8:35 Montana time (so 10:35 Vermont time!). We went right to the tree house (see photo below taken today of me with my Mimi & Bampa at the tree house) and had to walk up the path in the PITCH black! The people who own the tree house told us a mama bear and her two cubs live there as well as moose, so we had to make lots of noise on the way up to scare them away!!!

This morning (Thursday!) we woke up early and drove to West Yellowstone. We stopped at a Grizzly Bear and Wolf Discovery Center and got to see their largest bear, Sam (see photo below!) who weighs 900lbs! By the end of the fall he will weigh 1100 lbs! Sam and his sister were separated from their mom when they were young and started trying to get food from humans. To keep them from getting killed for being “nuisance bears” the center saved them. Then we drove into Yellowstone. We saw lots of bison, 3 coyotes, and stopped to see Old Faithful!

We are having so much fun! Tonight my bampa and I are staying in the tree house together, it’s perfect because we like to watch the show “Treehouse Master” together on Animal Planet, it’s like we’re living the show!

I miss everyone! Can’t wait to show you all my pictures and tell you more about my adventures!

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