Joshua’s Rhino Project

Joshua’s announcement for all who are interested:
Joshua recently had an older student visit his classroom to teach about endangered rhinos. He learned that some species are down in the double digits in numbers. He was so compelled to help that he made some t-shirts to sell so that he can donate money to the Pilanesberg Wildlife Trust (
and The Rhino Orphanage. (
If you want to support a really cool kid and something he is super passionate about let us know. He’s selling the t-shirts (that he’s screen printing himself!) for $10 each and all profits after the cost of the t-shirts will go to the Rhinos. We have sizes Youth small-Adult 3xl.

Taking the Learning Further . . . .

Joshua was so struck by Wesley’s presentation on stewardship of the earth by helping the rhinos that he decided to do something about it.  He planned a screen printing design, bought the supplies, and screen printed t-shirts to sell to raise money for rhino preservation.  Keep your eye on the Monday Monitor for more information about how to order YOUR rhino t-shirt.  Way to make a difference, Joshua!