Thank you, Cassia!

Our TA’s are such a blessing all year long.  Cassia has faithfully assisted second and third graders with their blogs during her visits, helping them to learn to be encouraging and helpful commenters to other writers.  As she graduates, we send our love and prayers along with her to college.  She is the best!

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Last Letter from Thomas, our TA


(Thomas writes to us from basic training in Fort Benning, Georgia.)

I hope all continues to go well with your summer.  I received your letter the other day and have now found the time to write back with graduation so close, August 27th.

I have been really busy preparing for the final five-day outing, practicing infantry maneuvers.  It is really exciting to hear the drill sergeants consider all of us soldiers.  Being a soldier has been a long-term goal of mine that has finally and thankfully come true.

I really liked that engineering project that you explained in your letter.  I thought that all the kids will really enjoy that project.  It sounds like it’ll take a little bit for them to plan it out (like it always does), but then they will take off with their extraordinary ideas.  I am not sure which I enjoyed more over the last two years, the projects that you’ve chosen for them, or the ideas that the kids come up with.  It is definitely an aspect that I miss the older I get.

I hope I can TA for your class again this year.  Maybe you could put in a good word for me with Mrs. Farrell.  Since it’s so close to graduate so soon, the drill sergeants insisted no more mail be sent.  But I would appreciatee all the prayer, and I can’t wait to talk to and see you all soon!


Letter from Fort Benning


I was relieved to hear that all has been going well for you, minus being sick, in your busy summer.   Before we know it, school will be back in session.  Summertime does definitely fly by really fast.

Training down here at Fort Benning has still been going really well.  The training is rapidly finishing because graduation is on the 27th of August.  I am really excited to graduate and come back home to Vermont.

A huge prayer request would be for safety in the heat and harsh conditions down here.  Many say that the hottest month of the year is August down here.  I believe that now, after experiencing a 120 degree (not including the humidity) day last week on the range.

I have been able to go to church a couple of times since I have been down here.  It is a really great experience rejoicing with the Lord and fellow battle buddies.  I continue to take every day in stride and continue to look forward to the next.  I am so glad that there is a lot of prayer headed my way from MVCS.  I hope all continues to go well for you.

~Thomas Weiler


Encourage Thomas, Our TA!

Our wonderful TA, Thomas Weiler, is off to Fort Benning, Georgia, for basic training this summer. We promised to be praying for him, and perhaps your family could write to him as well.  It would truly encourage him to hear from the children, even if they just tuck a drawing into an envelope.


His address is:

PV2, Weiler, Thomas, #337

C Company, 2-54 Infantry Regiment, 198th Infantry Brigade

9240 Treadwell Dr., Building 3405

Fort Benning, GA 31905

(You also need to mark a green border around the envelope and label it with a large green 3.)

Here is his letter to us that arrived today:

“I am glad to hear that all has been going well for your summer so far.  I got your letter yesterday and was very encouraged.

I have had a huge struggle with transitioning from civilian life to the military lifestyle.  There are a lot of things such as music, showers, civilian clothing, contact with others, etc., that are taken for granted, until put into a position where you don’t get any of those.

All in all though, this summer has been a blast, and I haven’t had any regrets on coming down this summer.  The weather has been very intense.  The average temperature has been between 105 degrees and 110 degrees, with a 70% or higher humidity.  It is almost the exact opposite of the weather in Vermont.  Drinking lots of water and staying hydrated is the key to success down here.

I cannot wait to get back and share many stories and memories with all the kids and teachers.  I am sure they will all be interested in hearing about everything that has gone on:  confidence/obstacle courses, climbing and rappelling a 50 foot tower, the gas chambers, and shooting and qualifying with the M-4 carbine.

I hope all continues togo well with you and your summer training.”