Healthy Food Choices

Our START volunteers challenged us to create a healthy, balanced meal.  As part of our fitness goals, we are each tackling an area of balance each week, focusing on drinking water instead of sugary drinks or varying our veggies, for example.  We’re feeling pretty full of pep these days because of all these fantastic choices!

Week 1: Self-Care

We discussed health and why it is important to be healthy.  In this first START session, we especially zoomed in on stress and what it feels like, then all kinds of ways we can take care of ourselves if we feel stressed.  You should hear all the ideas we had!  Finally, we made our own stress balls out of balloons!

“Health and Human Body” Starring our START Volunteers!

We are jumping for joy as we welcome the spring group of START volunteers to our classroom!  Meet Chantal and Allie!

My name is Chantal Elias and I am currently in my first year at Dartmouth. I live in Toronto and hope to explore conflict resolution and global climate change in my time at university and beyond. I have played piano, sung in choirs, and have performed in musical theatre since a young age. I am very interested in the healing aspects of music, and am exploring the intersection between music and trauma as a personal project. I am very much looking forward to working with you and your classroom this term!
My name is Allie Carey and I am a junior at Dartmouth. I am from Connecticut and study art history, education, and photography. I am really interested in a career in museum work; I just got back from my off term during which I interned for School Programs in the education department at the Whitney in New York City. During this internship I worked with a variety of school groups exploring all different types of themes and art. I cannot wait to bring what I learned there to your classroom while getting to know you and your students this spring!


Welcome back, Kate!

My name is Kate Packard and I can’t wait to be in your classroom again this term after teaching storytelling this winter! I’m a first year at Dartmouth and from Massachusetts. I haven’t declared my major yet, but I plan to study linguistics, psychology and theater. I love all types of art, particularly the performing arts. I took a musical theater class this fall and am currently taking an acting class. I also love creative writing and took a creative writing class this winter. I’m so excited to continue working with you.

Our Winter START Team!

Jessica Weil: Jessica is a sophomore at Dartmouth who is majoring in English and loves to read lots of books.  She is from Cleveland, Ohio, and likes to dance and sing.  This is her first year in the START program, however, she has worked with Miss Blessing before and is super excited to work with her class again!

Lucy Ranieri: Lucy is a freshman at Dartmouth from right outside Cleveland, Ohio. She has not yet decided on her major, but she has interests in economics, biology, and government. She loves all kinds of art (especially oil painting and drawing) and was the president of her high school art club. Lucy loves to visit the Dartmouth Jewelry Studio, is a member of the cheer team, and is a first-year volunteer for START.

Kate Packard: Kate is a first year at Dartmouth from Massachusetts. She hasn’t declared her major yet, but is planning on studying linguistics, psychology and theater. She loves all types of art, particularly the performing arts, and has taken a musical theater class at Dartmouth. She also loves creative writing and is currently taking a creative writing class. She is very excited for her first year with the START program!