Lifelong Passion for Reading

Mrs. Shedd is the Reading Champ of our class!  She beats us all every single year in the 40 Book Challenge, no matter how we try.  As we watch her reading habits, we notice she is an expert at the “wild reader” strategy of having a book everywhere and using snippets of time for reading wherever she is.  She often finishes a book every day or two rather than the book a week we aim for!  Imagine all the places she has gone in her mind!  Thank you for inspiring us, Mrs. Shedd.

Oh, How We Love to Read!

I often post on our blog about Donalyn Miller’s books, The Book Whisperer and Reading in the Wild, chatting about lifelong reading habits.  Here is one example of a “wild reader”.  Natalie’s mom said, “Are you smiling as we did to see Natalie faithfully doing her chicken chores all while keeping her book in hand?”  Yes!

We are not just readers.  We are PASSIONATE readers.

One of my friends from the National Writing Project, previous NH Teacher of the Year Angie Miller, is spending a year teaching high school in Costa Rica.  She has been inspiring her students with reading workshop, and they are catching fire.  They came up with the idea of adding each book they finish to window graffiti in their room, and I asked if we could steal their idea to add to our medley of book celebrations.  We hope to trade photos with them as the year goes on even though they are older students because being a lifelong reader makes us joyous companions no matter our ages.

What are some of the ways you grab moments here and there to add reading to your day?  Even very busy “wild readers” find ways, just as Natalie did in the chicken yard.  I have numerous books of all kinds going all the time, and I stash them everywhere, such as one in the car, one in my carry bag, one in the bathroom, a pile at my school desk and home desk, . . . . Then I grab a minute to read another chapter wherever I might be.

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