I have been exploring a cool site called Biblionasium.  Your family might enjoy trying it this summer as a fun place to log your summer reading.  If your family likes it, let me know and maybe we’ll use it next year as a class.

What is it?
“Biblionasium is the fun, reading-focused social network for kids ages 6-13. Connecting kids in an encouraging community of friends, family and their educators, Biblionasium excites, engages and encourages a love of the written word. Kids can log their reading, play games, complete reading challenges and earn rewards within a safe social network built especially for them.”

Summer Blogging Challenge #1

Where are YOU reading?  Some of my favorite summer memories of third and fourth grades include taking my book along on my exploration of the day.  I read beside clear NH streams, up in trees, with a flashlight in a tent, on top of glacial erratics, in the field with the cows, and . . . . .

So have your adult snap a photo of YOU reading in a summery spot.  They can e-mail it to me anytime.  I can’t wait to hear from you, Wild Reader!

Two More Wild Readers!

Mrs. Shedd and Miss Blessing crossed the “finish line” of the Forty Book Challenge this week!  Yahoo!  In their interview, they collaborated on favorite places to read.

***When I was in third/fourth grade, I loved to read . . . . 

–up in my favorite climbing tree along our field (Miss B)

–in my pink gingham windowseat in my room (Miss B)

–on the sofa in the living room (Mrs. Shedd)

***Some unusual places we have read. . . . 

–at the gas station while my husband is pumping gas (Mrs. Shedd)

–in every line or wherever I am waiting for people no matter where it is (Miss B)

–on the ferry to Newfoundland (Miss B)

–in my bunk at Camp Maranatha (Mrs. Shedd)

***Places we love to read now . . . . 

–my recliner (Mrs. Shedd)

–laying on the couch (Mrs. Shedd)

–in my hammock (Mrs. Shedd)

–in a comfy chair by the ocean in Maine (Mrs. Shedd and Miss B)

–on the porch in a rocking chair, even when it is below freezing (Miss B)

–out in the garden among the flowers (Miss B)

***We keep books everywhere–by the bed, by the chair, in the bathroom, in the car, in the kindle on the phone, at school, at work–so no matter where we are, we can read, read, read!  Leave a comment about where YOU like to read!

Forty Book Challenge SuperReader Ethan!

Our fourth  SuperReader passed 40 books in the Forty Book Challenge today!  Congratulations, Ethan!

In his reading interview, Ethan commented,

“I recommend reading a Superman book.  There is a lot of action, like Superman saves buildings from falling over, and saves boats from crashing into icebergs, and saves trains from falling off broken tracks.  It includes interesting details in the graphics, like the colors and the shadows.  They blend the colors in to make a new color.  I really like these stories because they have interesting words and super-long words.  Some examples are “kryptonite” and “Krypton.”  I really didn’t know that Superman was an alien.  I had only heard he was a superhero on earth.  So I learned new things about him in the graphic novel.

This was a fairly new genre to me this year, although I had read the Wings of Fire graphic novels before.  I really like it and want to read more.”