Howe Library, Readers’ Delight

The second and third graders celebrated our Forty Book Challenge success on a perfect spring day!  The Howe Library welcomed us with open arms.  We danced, explored, read, investigated, listened, laughed, and tasted.  What a day!

Here we are about to embark on a Geometry Photo Scavenger Hunt around Hanover.  Who can find real life examples of rectangular prisms, obtuse angles, and parallel lines?  Stay tuned to further posts for the results . . . .

We enjoyed lunch in the Children’s Garden.

After exploring this roomy library using their Library Hunt, each group chose a comfy silent reading spot.  The book selection was irresistible.

Our START volunteers met us at the Howe for our final math session.  Here we are with our symmetry partners after doing some spectacular mirror dancing.

One of our host librarians treated us to a hilarious animal folk tale and an intriguing picture book about George Washington’s teeth.  She also shared an idea we hope to follow up on, combining our book recommendations from all our reading this year into bookmarks on various topics like animal stories, family stories, or robot stories.

We topped off this perfect day with a strawberry feast.