Vermont “Gritters”

After Scotland’s gritters (snowplows) went viral last winter with their captivating GPS and their hilarious names (Grit Expectations, Gritty Gritty Bang Bang, Snow Bother, Sprinklebell, . . . . ), even the frostiest hearts melted.  Vermont decided to join in the fun this fall.  Every school in Vermont has the opportunity to name one of the nearby snowplows.

The Vermont Agency of Transportation says, “The new Name a Plow program offers an opportunity for children to put on their thinking caps and come up with creative names for AOT’s snowplows. The fleet has 250 full-size plows, and the Agency will aim to match every participating school with a truck.  The Agency will assign each name to an orange truck at the Maintenance District garage located closest to the school. District plow drivers will visit each school with the truck that it named. A decal or sign displaying the plow name and the school name will be placed on each named truck.”
Our students submitted wonderful ideas such as Thunderbolt, Frosty the Snowplow, and Baby Snowda.  The winner is Darth Blader, submitted by Emily in 5th grade!  We will look forward to meeting Darth Blader and its driver as soon as the snow flies.

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