Two More Wild Readers!

Mrs. Shedd and Miss Blessing crossed the “finish line” of the Forty Book Challenge this week!  Yahoo!  In their interview, they collaborated on favorite places to read.

***When I was in third/fourth grade, I loved to read . . . . 

–up in my favorite climbing tree along our field (Miss B)

–in my pink gingham windowseat in my room (Miss B)

–on the sofa in the living room (Mrs. Shedd)

***Some unusual places we have read. . . . 

–at the gas station while my husband is pumping gas (Mrs. Shedd)

–in every line or wherever I am waiting for people no matter where it is (Miss B)

–on the ferry to Newfoundland (Miss B)

–in my bunk at Camp Maranatha (Mrs. Shedd)

***Places we love to read now . . . . 

–my recliner (Mrs. Shedd)

–laying on the couch (Mrs. Shedd)

–in my hammock (Mrs. Shedd)

–in a comfy chair by the ocean in Maine (Mrs. Shedd and Miss B)

–on the porch in a rocking chair, even when it is below freezing (Miss B)

–out in the garden among the flowers (Miss B)

***We keep books everywhere–by the bed, by the chair, in the bathroom, in the car, in the kindle on the phone, at school, at work–so no matter where we are, we can read, read, read!  Leave a comment about where YOU like to read!

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