“Ordinary” Joys

A rousing game of Summer Charades filled my heart with gratitude this morning for these amazing children, gifts from God.  They have been so flexible, so gracious, so loving to each other through this time of remote learning.

Here is an example of why teachers feel sad as summer vacation draws near.  The community you build all year is so precious, and every individual brings richness to each day’s learning.  This was just a random share during our Zoom, but these “ordinary” yet startling and extraordinary thoughts from children are part of what I adore about my time in the classroom with them.

“What’s new with me is an army of flowers is sprouting up everywhere!  We had a contest with my sisters to make our mom a bouquet, and . . . . . ”

Do you wonder if teachers treasure every little moment?  They do.  I will never get enough of these young people.

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