START Week 3!

This week’s focus was habitat, and we got to rap to “The Habitat Rap”, created for us by our magnificent START volunteers.

img_0820 img_0814


Next, we had the opportunity to express our dramatic selves during Animal Charades.  (I wish I had snapped this photo clearly, for it absolutely captures the feeling that the START program inspires in us.)


To top off the day, we used items we found in our own home habitats to work as a team and create a group ecosystem.  We used peaceful cooperation to combine our individual thoughts, and it was lovely.


Can you believe all that we learn/do/explore/express in just a class period?  So . . . . we’ll be working to take care of our habitats!

Starburst Rock Cycle

The students were so very excited about their edible rock cycles that they insisted I post all about it RIGHT NOW! TODAY! So here it is.

We watched several videos to review some of our rock information from the past week.

Three Types of Rocks Song

Modeling the Rock Cycle

Then we made a model of the rock cycle using Starbursts. We used this gentleman’s demonstration to help us.

Starburst Rock Cycle

Finally, here is a peek at our success! The whole downstairs smelled like a fruity volcano erupting!

I forgot to take a picture before I left, but one of my dear students left this cool note on the board for me to find after school: “Miss Blessing, you ROCK!”