Operation N.O.U.N. Detective Day

The C.I.A. (Chief of Intelligent Answers) has been sneaking into our classroom for weeks now to teach English to this brainy group of noun detectives.  We culminated our studies with a whole day done detective style, including Bible mysteries, math puzzles,  logic challenges,  silent reading mystery stories, and more!  Don’t miss a moment of school, for you never know what adventure will come your way . . . .

Our Living Nativity

We are working on a slideshow, coming soon, but until then . . .

This morning the angels appeared to us suddenly with a wonderful message.  We traveled to Bethlehem, and we found Mary and Joseph and a babe in a manger.  God with us!  Emmanuel!

I Was in Bethlehem

By Regan

Hi!  I am one of the sheep.  Let’s start the story.  One fine night a long, long time ago, I was eating grass and the shepherds were watching me.  Suddenly, an angel came into the sky.  My master was scared, but the angel said, “Do not be scared!  I bring you great joy!  Tonight a baby is born in Bethlehem.  Go and see Him.”

So the shepherd and I went to the stable, and there, wrapped in cloth lying in the manger, was God’s Son.  After a bit of time, three wise men came, and we all worshiped Him.