Shepherd on the Search

Every year we look for ways to serve and give during December.  This year we did Shepherd on the Search for our preschool buddies.  Our whole class planned together, and we prepared the supplies.  Teams of second and third graders hid the shepherd each day and taught a mini lesson about who Jesus is that included a craft or activity.  What a blessing this was!  It helped us all keep our minds fixed on Jesus during the Christmas season.


A Goat? Really?


While we adults sometimes blithely go on our way oblivious to the wonders around us, children stop and exclaim over the surprising discoveries that come their way each day.  During Book Buddies yesterday, I overheard a hooting conversation between a second grader and PreK student apparently experiencing There Was an Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly for the first time.

“Seriously?  I can see swallowing a bug by mistake, but a GOAT?”

“Ba, ha, ha! A cow?”

And hilarious laughter accompanied every page.

Experiencing surprises again through their eyes is just one more reason why a teacher’s life is oh, so good.