Readers are Leaders

Today’s Breakpoint by Erik Metaxas was so encouraging that I wanted to share it with all of you.

What–and Why–to Read This Year

World’s 2017 Books of the Year

Christianity Today’s 2018 Book Awards

Serious Reading’s 30 Reasons to Read Books

So how are we adults doing on our own 40 Book Challenge?  If you are reading something great, tell your child about it!  These below zero days are the perfect time to curl up with a book.

Erik Metaxas concluded, “As we like to say here at BreakPoint, ‘Readers are leaders.’ So if you want to be a leader—in your home, at the office, in church, or in the larger society this year—you know what you need to do. Start the new year off right. Pour yourself a large cup of tea, grab a good book and start reading.”

50 Brilliant Books for Summer

I enjoyed Teacher Magazine‘s review of 50 great new books, so I thought as you visit your local library to fill up your book bag, you might find it helpful too.  (Remember that statistically students who read 5-6 books during the summer maintain their hard-won reading levels, while those who don’t read tend to lose ground.  Plus it’s fun!  See this PBS article:  “Helping to Prevent Summer Reading Loss”)

50 Brilliant Books for Summer

To Forty and Beyond!


Noah passed forty books this week in the Forty Book Challenge!  Celebrate another power reader with us!

Noah:  I like to read with my friends quietly, and sometimes I read really long books.  Other times I read short books.  Right now I am reading a series called The Mouse and the Motorcycle.  I like that series because the motorcycle Ralph makes is really fun.  The author had a really good idea because he goes on really good adventure instead of sitting around and eating like a fat mouse would.  I am in Runaway Ralph right now, and then I will read Ralph S. Mouse.

Mighty Readers March On


Our Voki to congratulate Mrs. Shedd on reaching the Forty Book Challenge already! Wow!


I love to read! My favorite thing to do is to read! I also like to listen to each of you read, because you are all great readers, too!
I enjoy reading chapter books of all kinds, and I read almost every evening before I go to bed. Sometimes it’s very quiet in my house because my husband and I are both reading. Because I read so much, (5 or 6 books a week) I don’t really have a reading goal. Over the years there have been many books that I’ve enjoyed reading so much that I considered them to be my favorites. Some of them I have read aloud to my husband, and in this way we have enjoyed them together. I have read aloud most of the “Mitford” books by Jan Karon, and those are favorites of ours

I don’t really have a special favorite book in the Bible…although, the Psalms are always a great encouragement to me. I have been reading in Ephesians and Colossians… . Did I answer all of your questions?
Mrs. Shedd

Reaching the Forty Book Challenge by Baseball Boy

Before the year started, I had never thought about reading forty chapter books in a school year, but when Miss Blessing said we were going to challenge ourselves to read at least a book a week this year, I was really interested.  I’ve been reading lots of mysteries like Hardy Boys and Ballpark Mysteries, plus nonfiction books like the What Was . . . ? series.  What Was the Battle of Gettysburg? has been my favorite book so far this year because I get to learn facts about a war I never knew about.  I am thinking I can reach 200 chapter books this year!  Do you think I can?


Challenge Number 1: READ LIKE CRAZY!

Readers read because we love to read, but challenges are always fun.  This summer we challenged each other to keep up the Forty Book Challenge book-a-week habit by reading at least ten books over the summer.

Research shows that students can maintain the reading progress they’ve made from their hard work all year and also move forward over the summer by reading just a few books over vacation.

After studying people who are lifelong readers, Donalyn Miller describes characteristics that “wild” lifelong readers seem to have in common.

*Wild readers dedicate time to read.

*Wild readers self-select reading material.

*Wild readers share books and reading with other readers.

*Wild readers have reading plans.

*Wild readers show preferences.

So . . . read, read, read this summer! I hope that many of you will share pictures of you reading in an interesting place or book shares of favorite book discoveries. Send a comment or an e-mail to share. We can’t wait!

Where the wild things read!


Read in a cozy place.


Read in a favorite place.


Read in a garden.


Read in a tree,


under a tree,


or in a treehouse. (You know who you are, beloved readers.)


Read with someone young,


someone you love,



or even with Robert Frost.


Read a whole collection,


about something you’ve been curious about,


with a friend,


or by yourself.


Read in your jammies.


Read whatever floats your boat!


Just read!


Guess What!

Would you believe that EVERY ONE of our sixteen second and third graders (plus Mrs. Shedd and Miss Blessing) met the Forty Book Challenge this year?  It was an exciting day today as the last few students crossed the finish line.  Stay tuned to hear how many books we read as a group along with our average books per person this year, which will be announced on our Remembrance Day Thursday.  Here is a picture of the folks who haven’t had their picture posted yet.  Go, wild readers!